The SteamOne

Technical overview

  • Water is heated up to 150°C through a stainless aluminium or brass professional-grade boiler, in 1 minute and without pumping system.
  • Steam is continuously spread through a nozzle with a flow of 40g/minutes, eliminating creases in the garment.
  • The garment can be hanged directly on the steamer, allowing for a boardless pressing, thanks to a telescopic rod with a built-in hanger rack!

Components of
your steamer

Lower part of the device

  • Water tank
  • Easy to move thanks to the 4 wheels
  • Sediment/mineral residues drain system
  • Compact and Lightweight

Upper part of the device

  • Built-in hanger rack
  • Lightweight handle

Rod and Tube

  • Thermal protective cover: prevents burns and extends the lifetime of the hose
  • Telescopic rod


The aluminium sole plate

The aluminium sole plate keeps the heat and prevents condensation, ensuring a more effective pressing.

Switchable steam level

  • Inexpensive and environment-friendly! You don't need to press at maximum power anymore. Adjust the steam level to the fabric type and save energy.
  • Switching to the lowest level puts the steamer in standby mode.
  • Does not leave shiny marks on the garment

A mild and continuous flow

Unlike the ordinary steam irons that eject high-pressurized steams through a pumping system, vertical steamers eject a mild and continuous flow. This ensures a faster and more effective ironing, with less water droplets … and there's no risk of pump failure!

A wide selection
of accessories

Built-in hanger

Pants press


Protective glove

Pants clips

Pants hanger

Finishing accessory for collars and sleeves


Do not forget to descale
your steamer!

Step 1:

Make sure that the steamer is not hot.

Step 2:

Remove the water tank, the hose and the rod.

Step 3:

Fill the tank with water and put it back on its base

Step 4:

Put the container with the tank filled with water above a sink, unscrew the drain plug below the container: the water flows out with the sediment residues.

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