SteamOne presses
everything instantly

Unlike a normal iron, the SteamOne steamer eliminates all creases without burning natural or synthetic fibres.

Effective even on
fragile materials

SteamOne can press any fabric, even the most delicate ones: muslin, silk, cotton, tulle, embroidery, lace, bead, organza, wool, taffeta… it can also get rid of creases on thicker fabrics such as jean's or thick cotton.


High-temperature steam (98°C) is also a sterilizing agent: it can eliminate some allergens (pet hairs, dust…). It can also be used to decontaminate everything at home: couches, mattresses, curtains, carpets…

Steam will help you eliminate bad smells from various fabrics and get rid of dust mites, bedbugs and bacteria.


Home use

You can clean up all your interior

Professional use

The steamer is also suitable for your business

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